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This is a new JICA-supported Capacity Development Project for Sustainable Forest Management in Kenya that will be implemented by the State Department of Natural Resources in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and the Kenya Forestry Service (KFS). The Project will be yet another step towards achieving 10% forest cover in Kenya as stipulated in Vision 2030 and enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The Agreement was signed by the Natural Resources P.S., Dr. Margaret Mwakima, JICA's Chief Representative Ms. Keiko Sano, KEFRI's Director Dr. Ben Chikamai and KFS Director Mr. Emilio Mugo.

Overall goal Sustainable forest management is promoted in Kenya towards the national forest cover target of 10%.

Project Purpose: National capacity at the central and county level for sustainable forest management is strengthened.


Output 1 (Policy Support) Implementing and monitoring capacities of forest-related policies/strategies at the central level are enhanced.

Output 2 (Pilot Implementation through County Government and Private Sector) Capacities of selected county governments and private entities are enhanced through implementing pilot forest management activities

Output 3 (REDD+ Readiness) Technical capacities for REDD+ readiness activities in KFS are strengthened.

Output 4 (Tree Breeding) Capacity of tree breeding techniques of KEFRI are improved.

Output 5 (Regional Cooperation) Capacity of regional cooperation in KEFRI is intensified by promoting knowledge sharing and good practices for strengthening the resilience to climate change and drought in Sub-Sahara Africa.Project

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